Nevada State Trooper Estrada acted swiftly when she spotted a tiny kitten on the edge of a busy highway. She had been alerted about the kitten through calls about its presence on a highway on-ramp and didn’t waste any time responding. Her quick thinking and bravery led to the successful rescue of the frightened feline, who found refuge in her glove compartment during their drive back to the station.

The kitten’s adventure didn’t end there. Upon their arrival at the station, the other officers showered him with affection and decided to honor their colleague by naming him ‘Trooper Kitty’. This new name was given with pride, reflecting the courage and dedication of Officer Estrada.

Securing a forever home for Trooper Kitty was equally important as his rescue. Thanks to the Nevada State Police’s Twitter page, which shared his rescue story along with cozy pictures of him at the station, this task was accomplished effortlessly. A loving family soon adopted Trooper Kitty, welcoming him into their home with open arms.

The happy ending to Trooper Kitty’s story brought joy to all involved. Officer Estrada’s timely intervention prevented what could have been a tragic outcome for this little furball. Her heroic act underscores the importance of quick-thinking action in such situations.