Sophie Small, a 30-year-old swimming instructor, and her accountant husband Jonathan experienced an unusual pregnancy phenomenon known as superfetation. This rare occurrence happens when a new pregnancy begins while the mother is already pregnant. The couple was trying for another baby and had a suspicion that Sophie was pregnant. A pregnancy test confirmed their hunch, but severe morning sickness led Sophie to the hospital for scans on seven different occasions.

The scans revealed that Sophie was expecting twins. However, it was clear that these twins were not conceived simultaneously due to their size difference. It wasn’t until August 2020 when the twins were born two minutes apart, weighing 4lbs 2oz and 6lbs 1oz respectively, that doctors discovered Sophie had ovulated twice!

The couple’s first child, six-year-old Oscar, is fascinated by his little sisters’ unique birth story. Despite being born two minutes apart, Holly is four weeks older than Darcy. Their personalities are as distinct as their birth story; Holly enjoys dressing up in princess or jockey outfits while Darcy shows interest in becoming a train driver.

Despite a significant growth difference of 35%, both girls exude confidence. They have recently started attending nursery school where people often express astonishment upon finding out these ‘twins’ were actually born 28 days apart!

Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media via SWNS license