Photo Credit: Zoey's family

A night shift firefighter in Ocala, Florida had no idea his life was about to change when he heard an alarm go off outside of the fire station. When he went out to investigate, he found a baby girl lying in a pink blanket inside the baby box. She was taken to the hospital and after a few days, the firefighter and his wife were able to adopt her. This story of compassion has touched hearts around the world as it is an inspiring reminder that sometimes love can come from unexpected places.

When one firefighter heard an alarm go off at 2:00 am while on the overnight shift, little did he know that it would lead him to find an abandoned newborn in need of help. He immediately knew that this baby girl was meant for him so he wrote a note explaining his desire to adopt her and turned her over to the hospital. After only two days, she was officially adopted and brought home with them! This heartwarming tale of unexpected love between a father and daughter has inspired many people around the world who are looking for hope during difficult times.

A firefighter’s life changed forever when he heard an alarm going off near his station in Ocala, Florida late one night while on duty. He followed protocol by investigating what caused it and discovered a baby girl wrapped up in a pink blanket inside the Save Haven Baby Box! Knowing how much his wife wanted children but hadn’t been able to conceive any naturally yet, they decided to take their chances by writing a note explaining their desire to adopt her–and it worked! After two days they were able to bring home their new daughter who now brings joy into their lives every day.

Sources: Good News Network