Photo Credit: 4ocean

On a routine dive to clean up the ocean off the coast of Florida, 4ocean CEO Alex Schulze found something that had clearly still been valuable to someone. A brand-new iPhone sealed in a plastic bag was unexpectedly intact and operational beneath the waves. After charging it up, Schulze was able to contact the phone’s emergency contact and return it to its happy owner – an incredible feat that has gone viral with over 3 million views on TikTok.

4ocean is best known for selling bracelets made from recycled ocean plastic, but their work also extends far beyond fashionable accessories. In their US, Guatemala, and Indonesia operations alone they have already collected more than 29 million pounds (13.1 million kg) of plastic waste from oceans, rivers, and coastlines. Their newest location is focused on cleaning up one of Central America’s longest rivers: The Rio Motagua. Each year this river deposits an estimated 2% of all global oceanic plastic pollution into our planet’s waters – making it all the more remarkable that Alex Schulze was able to uncover such a valuable item in its depths!

The story behind this find is an inspiring one; no matter how unlikely success may seem or how challenging conditions might be, never give up hope! By tackling even seemingly impossible tasks with determination and passion we can achieve incredible things – just like Alex Schulze did when he found that phone under the sea. It serves as a reminder for us all not only to be mindful about what we put into our environment but also gives us hope that even if something goes missing there are people out there willing to help you find it again!

4ocean’s work in cleaning up our oceans has already saved millions of pounds of plastic waste from entering our environment every single year – now their efforts have taken on a whole new meaning following this latest discovery by CEO Alex Schulze. The miraculous return of his lost iPhone shows us just how much good can come from taking care of our planet – so why not join 4ocean in their mission today?

Photo Credit: 4ocean

Sources: Good News Network