Photo Credit: Miracle Messages

Imagine not hearing from your son for a decade. That’s the reality Eddie Thompson III had to face until he connected with Miracle Messages. This nonprofit specializes in reuniting homeless families, and it recently worked its magic again to bring Eddie and his son Shay together after 10 years apart.

Eddie had been struggling with housing insecurity for a decade, but when he heard about Miracle Messages, he wrote a note in hopes of getting it to his son: “I love you to death and have been trying to get in contact with you for years.” Volunteer Lindsay Pfeiffer took on the case and tracked down Shay, informing him that his father was actively looking for him.

Shay was overjoyed to hear this news; throughout his adult life, he had searched for his father without any success. After learning about Eddie’s whereabouts through what felt like magic, the two were able to reconnect—and even better than that, Shay discovered he has a beautiful granddaughter as well! Through Lindsay’s coordination, the two finally met in person and are now catching up on all the time they missed.

This touching story is an undeniable testament to the power of Miracle Messages and their unwavering commitment to bringing people together who have been separated by homelessness or other circumstances beyond their control. It’s heartwarming stories like these that remind us of how important it is never to give up hope!

Sources: Good News Network