Do you remember the last time you felt so excited about something that you just had to get it? That’s exactly how Amber, the orangutan at Louisville Zoo in Kentucky, reacted when she met Taylor the visitor. It was as if her day suddenly became focused on a single objective—finding out what was inside his purse.

Amber’s gestures were incredibly human-like and it seemed like she knew exactly what she wanted. She gestured with her index finger like an overly proud security guard at a concert security screening before lifting her chin as if she were trying to look over a ledge. It became clear to Taylor that Amber was interested in his small shoulder bag and he began to rifle through its contents for her benefit.

It didn’t take long for Amber to spot the sweets inside the bag and immediately know that this is what she wanted! What happened next could only be described as amazing – she walked right up to the edge of the enclosure and showed Taylor how he could give them to her through the keeper’s area. The whole interaction between Amber and Taylor has been documented on video, which you can watch below!

The video has since gone viral, captivating audiences from all over who are simply amazed by this incredible encounter between man and beast! People are praising both parties involved for their understanding of each other despite coming from very different backgrounds – it really is quite remarkable!

This heartwarming moment has reminded us all why we should never underestimate animals – they may not communicate with words but they certainly understand more than we think they do. Who knows how many other secrets our furry friends might have up their sleeves?

Sources: Good News Network