John Stessel has found an equally enthusiastic audience for his magic tricks: shelter dogs. The A-list magician has been performing at the St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey, and their adorable reactions help get them adopted. His work is paying off, as most of the dogs featured in his videos have gone on to find permanent homes and loving families.

Stessel usually performs his act to adoring fans and celebrities, but now he’s taking his show on the road—to dog shelters around the country. He told Inside Edition that “one of my small little superpowers is I can just help dogs show off in a way that they couldn’t without me.” Evidently, making treats and toys disappear before their eyes leave them flabbergasted and determined to figure out how he does it!

The effects of Stessel’s performances are undeniable—and so is his commitment to helping these animals despite being severely allergic himself (he takes four or five antihistamines before each performance). Though his hives may be a common sight on set, so too are happy endings for these pups who have finally found their perfect match after seeing one of John’s shows.

It’s inspiring to see someone putting their talent towards such a worthy cause—and hearing the stories of these adopted shelter animals proves just how far people (and magicians!) will go when it comes to helping those in need.

Sources: Good News Network