Joey Madrigal and Niko Nesbeth, security guards from Covered 6, are being recognized as heroes following their quick intervention to save a choking infant. The incident occurred when they were en route to a gas station at a bustling intersection in Beverly Hills. They noticed a distressed mother screaming for medical assistance and without hesitation, they jumped into action.

Nesbeth, a former marine, took the baby from the pleading mother and noticed the child’s blue face, indicating a lack of oxygen. He promptly flipped the baby over and began patting his back to clear the blocked airways. Simultaneously, Madrigal initiated contact with emergency services through his private communication line to 911.

Their swift and decisive actions proved vital in saving the baby’s life just in time. The entire episode was recorded on the gas station’s security cameras, earning them widespread praise for their courage and quick thinking. Nesbeth attributes their timely arrival at the scene to divine intervention, while Madrigal describes it as an incredible feeling “to assist a community, especially a little child”.

The heroic actions of these two men in such an unforeseen situation have been widely commended. Their bravery and kindness will be remembered by not only the family of the infant but also by all those who witnessed this extraordinary act.