Everyone has a breaking point – and for one California man, it meant attempting to rob a bank. But when Michael Armus Sr. stepped in with words and an embrace, he helped diffuse a potentially explosive situation.

A regular morning at Bank of the West in Woodland, California took an unexpected turn when 69-year-old Michael Armus walked in and noticed something amiss. A former neighbor of his was speaking to the teller with irritation and depression in his voice – little did they know that Eduardo Placensia had passed a note claiming he had explosives and demanded money for their safekeeping.

Armus quickly recognized this could be trouble, as Placensia’s shirt was pulled over his nose and mouth while the teller looked terrified. Approaching him cautiously, Armus asked what was wrong – only to find out that Placensia felt there were no job opportunities left in town and wanted to go to prison instead.

Realizing this wasn’t maliciousness but mere desperation, Armus decided it was time to take matters into his own hands before anything truly dangerous happened; leading Placensia outside where he finally broke down into tears after receiving a hug from the kind stranger who’d seen through all his pain. The police arrived just then to take him into custody for attempted robbery – although fortunately he hadn’t been armed at all during the incident.

Michael Armus’ selfless act is proof that even small efforts can make a big difference; showing kindness towards someone despite their actions is far more productive than criticizing them harshly or turning away entirely – especially when facing desperate circumstances like those of Eduardo Placensia’s!

Sources: Good News Network