Photo Credit: Presidency handout

It’s not often that a story of survival and hope comes out of a tragedy, but the recent rescue of four Colombian children from an indigenous community who had been lost in the jungle for five weeks is definitely one of them. The four youngsters, aged 13, 9, 4, and 1 year old, were onboard a Cessna 206 light aircraft when it crashed on May 1st on its route between Araracuara and San Jose del Guaviare.

Rescuers immediately began searching for any sign of survivors or wreckage from the crash site. Unfortunately, all three adults onboard perished in the accident but miraculously these four small children managed to survive with only minor injuries. Despite their ordeal though, they remained lost in the dense jungle terrain for five long weeks until finally being found by rescuers two weeks ago.

Due to their indigenous backgrounds, the children possessed some knowledge about life in the jungle which enabled them to find food and shelter while they were missing. Castaway items such as baby bottles, hair scrunchies, scissors, and plastic wrapping were among some of the few things left behind by them which aided rescuers greatly during their search mission.

The heartwarming news was received with joyous celebration throughout Colombia as President Gustavo Petro tweeted “A joy for the whole country!” Grandfather Narcizo Mucutuy expressed his delight at hearing his grandchildren had been found saying “As the grandfather to my grandchildren who disappeared in the jungles of Yari, at this moment I am very happy”.

The incredible tale has certainly captured people’s hearts around the world and offered up a glimmering bit of hope amidst tragedy. It stands as a testament that even against all odds we can survive if we remain strong-willed and keep our faith alive no matter how dark things may seem.

Sources: Good News Network