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18-year-old Rehan Staton has achieved a feat few could even dream of achieving – he’s gone from being a garbage man to graduating from Harvard Law School. After years of hard work, dedication, and an incredible journey that included taking classes at the University of Maryland and winning multiple boxing competitions, he has finally reached his goal.

It all started when Rehan was rejected from every college he applied to due to his poor grades. Desperate for support, he found it in the form of a job as a sanitation worker. Though it wasn’t his ideal job, it helped him gain perspective on life and surrounded him with people who encouraged him to pursue higher education.

With their help, Rehan eventually enrolled in Bowie State University where his grades improved drastically and earned him a spot at Maryland State U. His father suffered a stroke during this time which resulted in Rehan working long hours – hauling trash at 4am before continuing with school – just so that they could pay for medical bills.

The story of how hard this young man worked went viral on social media which attracted celebrity Tyler Perry who decided to pay for his tuition at Harvard Law School. In 2020, having completed the long journey filled with sweat and tears (and literal blood) he graduated with honors from the prestigious institution and even had a job lined up in a New York law firm!

Having experienced first-hand what it takes to reach success despite overwhelming odds, Rehan wanted to give something back by starting The Reciprocity Effect – a non-profit that works with support staff affiliated with educational institutions like janitors, etc., recognizing them through awards ceremonies and providing financial assistance if needed due to personal tragedies. Now three years later after walking out onto the stage wearing his cap and gown, the future looks brighter than ever for this determined individual!

Sources: Good News Network