Photo Credit: Whitehouse Farm Facebook

When we think of intelligent animals, we often picture primates like chimpanzees and gorillas or marine mammals like dolphins and whales. But the truth is intelligence in the animal kingdom is not limited to these well-known examples. In the Whitehouse Farm Centre based in Morpeth, England, unexplained break-outs left staff curious and speechless.

They had no idea why some animals were getting out of their enclosures. They came up with a clever idea to solve the mystery – they decided to install a hidden camera. It’s not just for the sake of the property but for the safety of the animals too; they wanted to make sure no one was harming them.

What the camera caught left them quite surprised – it was Lucy, their Leicester sheep that just turned one year old! In the video, Lucy puts her head right through the wooden fence, and without a moment of hesitation, she slid open its bolt using only her mouth! She even checked both ways before committing her escape plan – as if a master criminal in action!

The footage went viral on Facebook with lots of positive comments from viewers admiring how smart Lucy was. Other users also shared stories about their own clever animals who can figure things out like unlocking gates or chicken houses – proving that there are many more smart creatures in this world than we give credit for!

This viral video serves as an important reminder that we should never underestimate any animal’s cognitive abilities – you might just be witnessing a display of remarkable intelligence if you take a closer look at any given moment!

Sources: Animal Channel