Chicago’s Own Firefighters worked tirelessly to save every life, every day.

In South Chicago, a team of firefighter worked with every tool available to free a trapped cat. It is unclear how the cat became trapped but some speculate the cat must have been chasing a smaller animal that ran underneath the door. No matter how the poor creature got in the situation one thing was clear, she needed help.

A passerby spotted the helpless cat whose head was trapped under a heavy metal storage door. Unable to help assist the cat themselves, the good Samaritan ran to the nearest fire station and explained the issue.

In true firefighter’s fashion, the men didn’t hesitate to act because all lives are worth saving. When the firemen arrived it was clear the cat was in trouble, her body lay against the concrete and her head trapped under the door. She must have been trapped for

She must have been trapped for some time as it appears she is too exhausted to even move when the men approach her. The men quickly start to pry the door up. It took a few tries but with a little elbow grease, the final pull was all the cat needed to get free.

Video Below.


As reported by Kayla Martinez with DNA Info.

“I always tell people that the firehouse is a neighborhood house. You walk in when you got a problem, walk out, and there’s always ladies and guys there to help out,” Langford said.

About six firefighters were at the scene trying out different methods to set the cat free.

At first, firefighters tried to play with the cat and persuade it to come out. When that didn’t work, they resorted to tools; chopping up concrete to make space for the cat to come out and bringing in a pry tool that ultimately worked.