Man’s reaction to seeing color for the first time.

William Reed, a 66-year-old bodybuilder, was born colorblind and spent all of his life not being able to enjoy the color of life around him. To Reed the world looked muddy to him, everything was just different shades of gray.

That is until his family decided to surprise Reed with special glasses created to help offset colorblindness. The glasses are formulated to simulate color where someone, like Reed, would have seen none. The results are tear-jerking.

Take a look at the video:

As the man walks out on his porch the family begins to lovingly sing happy birthday. After a few laughs at the surprise, reed begins to open his gift. One family member can be heard saying “He knows what it is”, as true as that may have been Reed was not prepared for the clarity and beauty around him.

After opening the gift and putting the glasses on, Williams reaction is completely genuine and could bring tears to your eyes. His family gave him something Reed had been missing his whole life, for the first time he would see in color. As he wept at the beauty that surrounded him, his family shed tears of joy.

As reported by Amanda Prestigiacomo from Daily Wire.

“Doesn’t look like mud,” Reed joked through joyous tears.

After giving one of his family members a hug, Reed continued to look at the nature around him, now in vivid colors, he’s never seen before. “This looks so weird,” he said. “I haven’t seen in forever.”

The trees “don’t even look real,” he added. “Seriously, they look 3D.”

“Dorothy,” joked Reed, referencing The Wizard of Oz.

“It is like The Wizard of Oz, isn’t it?” chimed in a family member. “You go black and white and then all of a sudden you see color. We’re not in Kansas anymore, baby.”