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A happy ending for a family that has lost so much. According to a Facebook video posted by Santa Barbara County Animal Services, a couple who lost their home on Oak Grove Road was just reunited with their lost cat, Koshka.

In the video, Koshka’s owner was emotional as she held Koshka.

“Our family needed something like this to happen for our family,” she said.

Koshka’s other owner says he knew she was alive and knew she would find a safe place to be.

The story has an ending many Montecito residents are not getting, a happy one. According to the Facebook post, the couple reached out to Santa Barbara County Animal Services after their home was destroyed in the mudslides and they were rescued by helicopter. Koshka got left behind. They were hoping Animal Services could locate the cat.

After hearing from the family, a team from Animal Services went to the property as soon as it was safe to check for Koshka. A fire team nearby could not see the cat but could see its paw prints in the mud.

The property was checked daily since Jan. 9, and it wasn’t until Monday that officers were able to safely access the property and see Koshka inside covered in mud.

According to the original Facebook post:

“Koshka’s home was destroyed in the Montecito mud slide. Her family was certain they would not make it and left some goodbye messages for each other. Her family was rescued by helicopter after their home was devastated by the mud on Oak Grove Rd. They reached out to us for desperate help to find their beloved cat. Our teams went to the property as soon as we were able but we were not able to access the property safely. We consulted with a nearby fire team who was unable to see Koshka but could see her muddy paw prints which gave us hope. Our teams continued to check the property daily since January 9th but were losing hope as we could not safely access the remainder of the home. Today, our Officer Pennon and his partner Lauren from the ASPCA were able to get close enough to the property and felt it was safe to access a window. They found Koshka with mud caked fur, and she was thankful to see her rescuers. Take a moment to enjoy Koshka’s reunion with her parents today. We recommend you have tissues handy.”