Photo Credit: Good Morning America

Twin brothers Davon and Tavon Woods of South Carolina are on a mission to raise awareness for young people growing up in foster care. Through their organization, Foster Kids Matter, the duo is trekking 20 miles in each of the nation’s 50 states to spread their message of hope, courage, and resilience.

The twins’ unique initiative was born from their own experience of growing up in foster care. Their journey has been filled with pain, hurt, and anger – emotions they’ve channeled into creating a better future for other foster children.

Colleen Kelly, the former teacher to the brothers, marvels at the determination they display on their quest: “They’re so resilient. Look at what they’ve taken with their pain…I just feel grateful for them, grateful that they have the opportunity to share their voice and story”.

The determined pair not only strive to open quality foster care facilities across all fifty states but also provide housing solutions for those aging out of foster care systems. To date, they have helped seven or eight such children find shelter when times were tough – showing them love and support even when resources were scarce.

Meanwhile, Davon and Tavon continue to go above and beyond through programs such as ‘Keeping It Fresh’ which partners with organizations to gift new shoes to kids in need – boosting confidence one step at a time! The duo recently received an incredible $10k donation from Designer Brands which will help them reach even more children across America!

Robin Roberts’ Good Morning America segment featuring the inspiring twin brothers has made waves nationwide – highlighting just how far Davon & Tavon have come since leaving foster care – determinedly working towards achieving something bigger than themselves along the way!

Sources: Good Morning America