Photo Credit: SWNS

Natalie Bowman had always wanted a pet, so when she was given an opportunity to adopt Finn in 2017, she jumped at it. Little did she know that this three and half month old tabby would grow up to be an enormous 4.27 feet long — the height of an average nine-year-old kid!

Finn is no ordinary cat — he’s often mistaken for a dog due to his stupendous size. He requires special care and attention, with Natalie feeding him three or four times a day and shelling out $150 per month on food alone. On top of that, taking him out for walks becomes much more than just another chore; many people are stunned when they see him trotting along with a leash in tow.

He also loves cuddles and being spooned, making sure that visitors don’t forget about him easily — although some may get spooked by his immense size. “I’ve had service people come around to fix things, it’s always fun to see grown men get shocked by my cat,” says Natalie. “They say he looks like a bobcat or a wildcat.”

The Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, originating from the U.S. state of Maine where their dense coats of fur help them to survive in harsh climates. They are known for their size but also have “dog-like” characteristics such as gentleness and sociability – traits that Finn has in abundance despite his intimidating stature!

Sources: Good News Network