Professional hikers and campers know what to do, do you?

Connecting to nature is a beautiful thing. We recommend taking time out away from the hustle and bustle to just enjoy the serene luster this world has to offer.  Aside from what you have to back and things you campers will need you have to have set plans.

So, you want to go hiking or camping way away from civilization? Here are a few tactics you should know, that could save your life, before you go.


What can you do when you encounter wild animals?

The first step to protect yourself from animal attacks is to avoid them. When traveling in the wilderness travel in groups, if you have to travel alone stay armed. survivalist say be armed, bear spray is a great weapon against most animals, including bears! travel as quietly as possible when possible. Stay away from dead animals and keep a scraps free camp ground.

Next, on our list is evade, not all of us can be as quick on our feet like the Olympic champion, Bolt. We are in luck, though, unless you’re dealing with a snake or alligator- running is completely useless. If fact, in most cases running will actually provoke an animal to attack. Instead, stop and back away slowly while grabbing that bear spray! If necessary spray them to deter an attack.

Finally, attack attack ATTACK! Playing dead is only useful against grizzly bears because you have no chance at beating a bear at hand to hand combat. Maybe, if your inhumanly strong, fast and have some super human abilities.Don’t shoot at a bear unless you absolutely have to, if you miss that bear is going to jack you up.

For a bear, your best chances are to avoid them, play dead and spray or shoot if you have to. However, for most animals playing dead is a useless card. If a confrontation is unavoidable, claw their eyes out! Spray them and fight as dirty as possible. Fight like your life depends on it because it does! For most predictors, in hand to hand combat, professionals say go for their face and eyes.

For more information here is an animal specific list, but their stats and how to handle them. Just remember; avoid, evade, attack!