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Brian Junk, a custodian at Garden City High School, was in for quite a surprise by the student body of the school he works in.

The students recognized the hard work Junk did keeping the school in great shape they wanted to surprise him with a gift. It was noticed that his work shoes weren’t in the best of shape and that’s where the kids landed… get him a new pair of work boots from them for all his hard work.

Kenna Hermanson recorded a video showing the surprise and shared it straight to Facebook — capturing the moment and she and the kids presented him with their gift.

“So happy we were able to do this for one of the sweetest people I know, the janitor at our school, Brian!” Hermanson wrote alongside the clip. “He’s always putting a smile on everyone’s faces during school & as a Christmas gift a bunch of people pitched in to buy him some new shoes.”

It quickly became clear that he was touched by their gesture even before opening his gift.

“You guys are gonna make me cry,” he said as he hugged the students assembled. Once he tore off the wrapping paper, it got better!

“Thank you!” he exclaimed when he took one boot out of the box. “Man, oh, mighty! I need some really bad.” the kids made sure to remind him “You always go above and beyond for us.”

“Thank you for everything you do & making the school day more enjoyable for everyone. Merry Christmas,” Hermanson stated near the end of the video.

It’s a great reminder that it’s always the thought that counts and we should always remember to show gratitude to those who work hard to make sure we’re always at our best. Hopefully, we’ll a lot more of this throughout the year!

(H/T Today)