Rocket, the rescue pup, is currently hard at work helping the hurricane Harvey team.

It’s hard to believe this clever energetic little guy was nearly euthanized. It’s even harder to imagine that the very same energy, that makes him great at his job, was once the reason he landed on death row.  Hard to believe but very true.

Though, the shelter felt that Rocket wasn’t adoptable because of his energy the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation disagreed. Taking the little guy on to train him for his new life. He’s found his place in the world and is serving the victims of Hurricane Harvey at this time. Putting his life on the line to save theirs’.

Even after leaving the shelter, Rocket’s life was not easy. The first round of tests the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation gave him, he failed. After which, even the foundation was considering to send the dog back to the shelter where he redoubtably would be put to sleep.

There was still hope!

One volunteer who worked with Rocket during his training couldn’t let him. Imaginably, she saw right through his energetic wild nature. Perhaps what she saw was the brave, hard-working, and loyal dog he could be. Whatever she saw in him, we do know that she couldn’t let him go. She and her husband decided to adopt Rocket and give him a home, a purpose. We are sure glad she did!

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Rocket, a black and white border collie mix was once due of euthanasia because the shelter believed no one would want him. Border collies have an over-abundance of energy and in poor Rockets case, even more so than most.Being part border, he would require lots of training, the breed strives on it. He would also inevitably need space as the breed loves to run and needs plenty of space.

In addition to space and training, they can still be a challenging companion. Only because they love a challenge and LOVE to challenge authority. If you are interested, as an owner of a border collie, it’s advisable to read your fill about them. Once they’ve settled into their roll in your family, they are amazing pets.