Photo Credit: Lily Chris Photography

Rebecka Peterson is a math teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma who has taken it upon herself to make learning fun and educational. By creating her blog, “One Good Thing”, she encourages her students to keep a hand-written journal of all the good things that happen each day in the classroom. First Lady Jill Biden honored Rebecka with a video tribute for this effort, which earned her recognition as the top teacher in Oklahoma and one of five finalists for National Teacher of the Year.

Her dedication to empowering teachers at both state and national levels is remarkable; not only has she traveled around Oklahoma gathering stories from other classrooms, but she was also recognized as one of six state-level finalists for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. It’s clear that Rebecka is passionate about teaching and showing others how important it can be to bring joy into education.

In order to truly understand what makes Rebecka such an outstanding educator, we need to look no further than her own words: “As educators, we have an opportunity every single day to touch lives and help kids realize their dreams…I want my students to know they are worthy of having those dreams come true. We are here to serve them so they can reach their potential.” This passion radiates through everything Rebecka does in her classroom – whether it’s working on a new project or encouraging students with positive reinforcement –and it’s obvious why she was chosen as Teacher of the Year by both state and national organizations.

It takes incredible strength, courage, and determination to stand up for what you believe in; Rebecka exemplifies these qualities by using education as a tool for uniting joy with knowledge. In doing so she has inspired countless teachers across America whose main goal is helping children reach their full potential – something that will benefit generations for years to come.

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