A cop, who was off-duty at the time, was simply grocery shopping in Mataró, Spain when he got the surprise of his life.

An armed robbery was taking place. He witnessed an unknown perp stealing money from a cash register and in the video, you can see the officer walk into the video frame, gave a quick overview of what was in progress, and went to action!

Watch as he drops his shopping bag then proceeds to subdue the suspect with some insane moves! Quickly taking him to the ground.

While holding the man in a chokehold the cop rips a weapon from the suspect and is held in place until backup arrives to help detain him.

According to CNN:

The officer asked the employee if everything was OK, but it was the suspect who answered, saying everything was fine, according to the statement and the police press office.

The officer took a few steps to get right behind the suspect and grabbed him. They struggled and fell to the floor. In the suspect’s left hand was cash, the statement said.

The off-duty officer, lying on top of the suspect, identified himself to others in the store as a police officer, and police reinforcements arrived quickly. The store employee was not injured in the attempted robbery, which took place on Monday, the statement said.

Not all heroes wear capes — some just carry reusable shopping bags!