Photo Credit: Animal Rescue League Of El Paso

After going missing from her new home, a rescue dog named Bailey had everyone worried. But she soon surprised the Animal Rescue League of El Paso, showing up at their door and ringing the bell for help! How did this lost pup find her way back? Read on to find out the surprisingly intelligent trick that brought Bailey home!

When Bailey, who had recently been adopted from Texas’ Animal Rescue League of El Paso, went missing from her new home in January, her pet parent contacted the shelter about it. The Animal Rescue League of El Paso responded by posting about Bailey on social media. They asked followers to report sightings if they spotted her.

Photo Credit: Animal Rescue League of El Paso

But it turned out that no one would need to look for Bailey after all – early on Jan. 31st, she showed up at the shelter and rang the doorbell looking for help! Loretta Hyde, the founder of Animal Rescue League of El Paso said she was amazed that Bailey found her way back to them: “These dogs are smarter than people give them credit for. How did she know what direction to go?”

It is unclear how Bailey spent her time away from home but now she’s happily reunited with her forever family after this detour at the Animal Rescue League of El Paso. Hyde hopes this return is a sign of a pleased client: “Strays want to go back to us. They love our shelter.”

so what was this surprisingly intelligent trick that helped bring bailey home? Turns out it wasn’t anything too complicated – it was simply due to loyalty and love! Despite being 10 miles away from its original home and having never been there before, somehow Bailey’s paw-prints lead straight back there with determination and dedication shown in spades!

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