“Crumbs and Whiskers” Cafe, Was One Of The First Coffee And Furry Companionship HotSpots to Open in The United States.

Pet cafes have been part of the Eastern culture for over 20-years but are finally springing up all over the U.S. ‘Crumbs and Whiskers’ was part of the first wave of shops to grace Western society. You can find this special shop in the heart of Washington D.C. (and now available in Los Angeles California). So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and spend time with a few new furry friends. All consumables (food and drink) are prepared at a different location for health reasons.


This cat-friendly shop is the brainchild of one Kanchan Singh, who realized this was her purpose in life while backpacking in Thailand. Kanchan wanted to serve coffee and save stray cats. She’s been extremely successful thus far and even has plans for expanding locations to New York. At the time of her interview with Mental Floss, Kanchan’s two cafes had rescued nearly a thousand cats (mainly from high kill shelters). A trend that the owner hopes others will continue.

‘Crumbs and Whiskers’ holds special events during the holidays. For instance, if you have ever wanted you Ex’s name written in a litter box- Valentines Day at Crumbles and Whiskers are ready to help you out. They also hold black-Friday to support shelter cats and have a ton of other interesting activities for you to enjoy.

Take a look below.

As reported by Kristin Fawcett with Mental Floss.

Someday, Singh hopes to bring Crumbs & Whiskers to Chicago and New York, and “for cat cafes as a concept, as an industry, to grow,” she says. “I think that it would be great for this to be the future of adoptions and animal rescues.” Until then, you can learn more about Crumbs & Whiskers (and the animals they rescue) by stopping by if you’re in D.C. or LA, or by visiting their website.