The great and hilarious Lucille Ball passed away in 1989 but left behind a remarkable, memorable, and legendary career. We all know she was married to her her onscreen husband, Desi Arnaz, for a time offscreen as well.

The duo brought laughter to millions each week during the I Love Lucy run and they of course, had children. And they of course had children.

Desiree Anzalone, who inherited Ball’s features with the dark Arnaz hair (and would look shockingly like her great-grandmother if she had the same shade of that famous red hair), made comment on the comparisons between herself and her great-grandmother while taking on trolls who seemed pretty relentless about the whole thing. “These comments are so ridiculous, and sad, like calm down people,” Anzalone simply wrote. Fair enough.

But that doesn’t stop us from seeing it.

Unfortunately, Desiree Anzalone passed away in September 2020 after a battle with breast cancer.

In a comment to those deemed trolls, she stated on the social media platform Instagram:

“Such a nice article wrote about me, and how Lucy and I share the same gumption in regards to my fight with stage 4 breast cancer and how proud she’d be of me, however the outrage from 3,000 comments of people literally yelling through my phone outweighed the beautiful story the author wrote. Everyone only focused on the superficial outward appearance of us and about how I LOOK NOTHING LIKE HER, “someone needs glasses” “No resemblance. Lucy was beautiful” “Who writes this bullshit…they need to go to spec savers”.

“These comments are so ridiculous, and sad, like calm down people. I promise it’s going to be okay. No need to get so angry. Too many shallow human beings out there. I have acknowledged my entire life I do not resemble my great grandma, but rather have more of the Arnaz genes. So thank you all for stating the obvious 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I empathize with actual celebrities who have to read shit about them every day, so sad, so many trolls and mean gremlins on the internet”

Check out the comparison yourself and tell us what you think:


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