Photo Credit: Emily Raines

When Emily Raines, an acute care nurse at a Baltimore hospital, was flying back from a vacation in the Bahamas with her boyfriend, she had no idea that she would soon be saving someone’s life. However, when the flight attendant asked if there was anyone on board with medical training, Raines quickly volunteered. She never expected to find herself in the middle of an actual emergency situation.

Michael, the passenger who suffered an onboard heart attack mid-flight, can thank his lucky stars for Raines’ quick response and expertise. When she reached his seat he was slumped over and not breathing. With only seven minutes until landing, Raines and her boyfriend performed CPR for 23 minutes before they were able to revive him. Afterward, she was treated to a hero’s welcome from other passengers and crew members as they returned to their seats.

Not only did Michael have reason to celebrate being alive after this close call but also his wife sent Raines a message expressing her deep gratitude for what she had done for them both. “I cannot possibly thank you enough for saving Michael’s life,” said the woman gratefully adding “If I could I would like to at least make you some cookies.” This kind gesture further shows how much this act of heroism meant to the family involved.

Raines was only doing what came naturally as a nurse; using her skill set and knowledge under pressure to help save someone else’s life. It is stories such as hers that are reminders of how important it is that people step up when their skills are needed most – even if it means putting themselves in uncomfortable situations like this one!

Sources: Good News Network