Photo Credit: SWNS

There’s something truly unique and beautiful about stained glass windows. They bring a special element to any structure – whether it be an old church or a modern home. But, not many people know that these works of art can also be worth a lot of money. Just ask Paul Brown from Pennsylvania who just sold two Tiffany stained glass windows for an incredible $225,000!

The story starts with Paul purchasing a bundle of items from St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in West Philadelphia on Facebook Marketplace for around five grand. He was expecting to find some everyday things like wooden pews and doors but what he found instead was so much more – two beautiful stained glass windows made by the renowned company, Tiffany Glass Studios (1878-1933).

Paul quickly recognized the potential value in these pieces and paid $44,000 for restoration work before putting them up for auction at Freeman’s Auctioneers in Philadelphia. This marked the first time ever that a Tiffany Studios rose window has been offered at auction. And it didn’t take long for bidders to recognize their beauty and potential either as they went on to sell for an impressive $225,000 – making this one of the most lucrative finds we’ve seen in quite some time!

As well as being incredibly valuable pieces, there’s also a deep symbolic meaning behind these two roses crafted by Louis Comfort Tiffany himself – one rose is centered by a crown representing Christ while the other features a dove representing the Holy Spirit. It’s no wonder why they achieved such high prices!

To sum up this remarkable tale, it’s clear that you never know what hidden gems you might find when browsing online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or eBay. Whether you’re looking to buy antiques or just want something unique and beautiful to add character to your home or office space – keep your eyes peeled because you could uncover something extraordinary as Paul did!

Sources: Good News Network