Photo Credit: SWNS

When they first formed in 2012, the ‘Outta’ Puff Daddys were just a group of middle-aged dads hoping to embarrass their kids. Now, with over 300k followers – one of them being Hugh Jackman – they are social media stars with viral TikToks and Instagram Reels.

Paul Jukes, 48, the leader and artistic director of the group remembers when they first performed at the Brighton Dome for their children’s annual dance show. “We literally took the roof off,” he said. “The noise was phenomenal and of course, the kids in the audience were like, ‘Hang on a second, that’s your dad.’”

None of these dads had ever danced professionally before but their reception was so positive that they decided to carry on permanently. During this time together dancing has helped many members through bereavement, unemployment, and depression – reminiscent of The Full Monty. For Paul Jukes himself, it has also been key to his mental health recovery since he experienced depression in 2017.

He believes everyone should be constantly underpinning and supporting their mental health; something which comes naturally when you dance with friends who become family. The whole crew is very supportive of each other no matter what their age or ability level may be as there are now members ranging from 42 to 60 years old – one even earning himself Wolverine as his nickname!

With such support for each other comes confidence which allows them to embrace life to its fullest extent creating some amazing memories along the way including recently receiving a comment from Hugh Jackman giving Wolverine a massive thumbs up! They have also been performing around festivals nationwide since 2017 cementing themselves as an incredible dance act no one should miss out on seeing live if possible! So although we might not get our own residency in Vegas or Hollywood just yet they still dream big – why not?

Sources: Good News Network