Sometimes work can suck. We all know this. We’ve all most likely had a “take this job and shove it” moment in our lives.

Below are some people who did, in fact, quit the job due to what they considered to be over-the-top requests or entirely rude customers.

They Take Ketchup Packets Very Seriously At McDonald’s Text Source

“Was a manager at a McDonald’s and I got screamed at by our district supervisor, mid shift, for putting two too many ketchup packets in a bag through the drive thru.

Forget. That. So I put in my two weeks and waited to pull off my dramatic exit.

The end of my two weeks notice landed on a day that the district supervisor came through the drive thru on a weekly visit; he pulled up, ordered his food and I got it ready. But when he came to the window, it wasn’t his bag of food I passed out the window to him- I gave him a bag full of nothing but ketchup packets. He came in asking, ‘What the heck,’ fuming and stomping around all angry.

I just said, ‘I’m outta here.’ And walked out.”


“…He Didn’t Have The Greatest Aim” Text Source

“Happened about two weeks into my job working at a college bar. Was on my hands and knees beneath a urinal, cleaning up the puke that had overflown and fallen to the ground. Surprisingly, it wasn’t until another drunken idiot stood over me and began to piss into the urinal I was cleaning under that I had my, ‘I don’t get paid enough for this crap,’ moment.

…He didn’t have the greatest aim.”


Wow, That Brawl Escalated Quickly Text Source

“I manage a supermarket. I was working one night and a customer comes running in, saying that there was a brawl outside. I pulled out my phone and rang the police as I walked outside to assess the situation. I see half a dozen locals throwing punches.

I start to tell the police what’s happening while keeping a safe distance. Then one of the brawlers pulled out a bow and arrow.

My thoughts: Forget this noise, I’m out.”


That’s One Ball Pit You Don’t Want To Get In Text Source

“Witnessed someone’s literal ‘I don’t get paid enough for this crap’ story.

I was at a ShowBiz (similar to Chuck E. Cheese) for a relative’s birthday. All the kids were running about having fun, playing games, etc. Suddenly there was a commotion around the ball pit. Turns out some kid had a serious case of diarrhea, like a Hershey-squirt blowout, and it was all over in the ball pit. The little plastic balls were all covered with a thin film of booty butter.

I’m across the room from the code brown near the counter where you trade in tickets for fake mustaches and Laffy Taffy. The manager told this teenager he needed to get to the ball pit right away and was trying to hand him a mop. Not sure what a mop would do in this situation, but I digress.

Anywho, the teen was not having it and loudly said, ‘Nah bro, that ain’t me,’ and strolled out the door and into the sunset.”


He Threatened To Assault Her, Just Because He Didn’t Want To Pick Up His Pizza Text Source

“I work late nights at a pizza shop. I had a customer call up and tell me that they wouldn’t be coming to pick up the pizza they had ordered because they always get sick after eating it (bull, but whatever – we have never had a genuine food poisoning complaint). I just said that’s fine, have a good night. Then he started yelling at me and in the end threatened to assault me. Because he didn’t feel like picking up his pizza? I don’t even know. I was pretty shaken up at the time.”


What She Thought Were Farts Were Something Else Entirely… Text Source

“There was this really short, really obese woman (think flesh colored oversized beach ball) who would come into the local grocery store that I worked at when I was in high school and she always smelled just awful… Like sewage mixed with garbage and drowned in expired milk. You couldn’t go within 25 feet of her without gagging. I still feel kind of bad for her to this day, honestly.

Anyway, she comes in the store one day, grabs her cart to lean on, as usual, and starts shuffling to the other side of the store. About 15 minutes has gone by and I’m realizing that I can still smell her repulsive scent almost every aisle I walk down, even after I just saw her 15 seconds ago and walked away in the opposite direction. I wasn’t the only one either, the cashiers and the manager could all smell her almost constantly, but none of us could figure it out until she approached the register to cash out.

Turns out, this lady had the worst case of diarrhea I have ever seen or heard of to this day. I guess she thought her multitude of poops were only farts and she just pooped all down her pants and out her shoes and left a trail all along the store, complete with her shoe prints, which tracked in spots where the leakage was minimal.

My (usually cool) boss tried for a half hour to get me to clean it up, threatened to have me fired, and have my hours cut, etc… I told her to go ahead. I’d rather get fired from a minimum wage job than clean some lady’s gross poop trail. She caved eventually and cleaned it herself.”


The Toothpick Was Just Overkill Text Source

“I worked at Kroger as a cashier when I was in high school. I asked a customer for his Plus card and reached my hand out to grab it, then turned away for a brief moment to unlock my register. I felt something wet and warm in my hand. This guy had spit a wad of Copenhagen and a toothpick into my hand and said, ‘I shouldn’t need a darn card to get the prices advertised.’

I emptied the dip into a bag of tomatoes he was buying when he wasn’t looking.”

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