Photo Credit: Goldenpass Express

Have you ever dreamed of taking an exciting journey on board a luxury train? Now, thanks to the Swiss authorities and Canadian country music star Shania Twain, your dreams can become reality. The new Golden Pass Express train has been named “Shania Train” in honor of Twain and is billed as an unforgettable musical journey through the beautiful Swiss Alps.

Twain was present at the inauguration ceremony for the new train in December, expressing her “honor” at being its godmother. Named after one of Canada’s most beloved performers, this high-tech express will take passengers from Montreux on Lake Geneva to Interlaken in central Switzerland – with no need to change trains along the way.

The engineers tasked with building this impressive vehicle had their work cut out for them. Platforms at each station are at different heights so they had to develop trucks beneath each carriage that could adjust up or down by 200 millimeters (nearly 8 inches). Additionally, they needed to find a way for the train to run along two different track gauges – given that both these issues have now been solved, passengers can enjoy their three-hour trip across some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery without interruption.

The route follows the historic “Golden Pass” trade route which dates back to medieval times and takes travelers through rolling hillsides dotted with dairy cows producing delicious cheese and chocolate before reaching its final destination of Interlaken. The service runs once daily but from June 11th it will increase to four return trips every day giving many people more opportunities than ever before to experience this once-in-a-lifetime journey onboard “the Shania Train”.