Photo Credit: YouTube

Joey Madrigal and Niko Nesbeth, two security guards for the company Covered 6, are being hailed as heroes after assisting a mother whose infant son was choking. On their way to a gas station in a busy Beverly Hills intersection, they noticed the mother screaming if anyone was a doctor and immediately rushed to help.

Nesbeth, who is a former marine, received the baby from the mother and noticed his face was blue. He then proceeded to flip him over and start patting his back to clear his airways. At this point, Madrigal took charge of getting emergency services on the case by using his private communication line to 911.

Thanks to their quick thinking action, they were able to save the baby’s life before it was too late. The whole incident was captured on the station’s security cameras which led them to be praised for bravely stepping in when no one else would have done so. Nesbeth believes that it was divine intervention that had them arrive at that moment while Madrigal found it an amazing feeling “to assist a community, especially a little child”.

Both men have been commended for their heroic actions which saved the day in such an unexpected situation. They will surely be remembered for many years to come by both the family of this infant and also all those who witnessed such an incredible act of bravery and kindness!

Sources: Good News Network