Photo Credit: Good News Network

Humans aren’t the only ones who can act guilty – as this funny video of a naughty pup proves. In the footage, uploaded to social media by Marcella Maioli from Queensland, Australia, her one-year-old border collie and Koolie cross named Frisbee can be seen hiding behind the bed after his owner finds bits of an expensive pillow strewn around the room.

Marcella scolds him gently but she can’t help but giggle at Frisbee’s reaction – even though the pillow cost over a hundred dollars. His guilty face is simply too much for her not to laugh at.

It seems like Frisbee has caused trouble before as Marcella admits that he has damaged much more than just this pillow before now. We’ve all felt guilty and embarrassed after doing something wrong; it’s good to know that dogs feel it too! It’s no wonder why this funny moment has gone viral, with thousands of people watching and sharing it online.

The video serves as a reminder that animals are capable of feeling emotions just like humans do – they just express them differently. If you’re having a bad day, take solace in knowing that somewhere out there someone else is probably feeling worse than you…like poor Frisbee here!

Sources: Good News Network