Image source: Journal-News video screenshot

“Bad timing,” Chief Rodney Muterspaw concluded with a chuckle to the Journal-News. “Real bad.”

Not for him, mind you — but for a couple of fellas who also chose the wrong place to break the law Wednesday.

Mutterspaw — who heads up the Middletown, Ohio, police force — was having lunch with a pair of city council members on the fourth floor of the City Building when they all saw what looked like two individuals climbing a fire escape to the upper floors of the abandoned Manchester Inn and entering through a window, the paper said.

Like any good citizen, the chief called dispatch to report the suspicious activity — which was certainly bad timing for the suspects.

But it was about to get worse for them, the Journal-News reported.

Because at that very moment, the police department’s K-9 team was training near the Middletown Regional Airport, the paper said, — and what better training than a real-life scenario to tackle?

With that Middletown’s K-9 officers — Bear, Chase and Koda — entered the abandoned hotel with Officer Ryan Morgan, Chase’s handler, the Journal-News said.

They were accompanied by other dogs from other police agencies also involved in the nearby training, the paper said — making a grand total of 11 K-9s stationed in and around the former Manchester Inn.

“Dogs were barking everywhere,” Morgan told the paper.

And the hunt was on.

While Morgan and Chase were on the second floor, the 4-year-old German shepherd signaled that he was on to human scent, the officer told the Journal-News.

Sure enough, they found the duo hiding in one of the hotel rooms — and when Chase “showed force,” the suspects quickly surrendered, Morgan added to the paper.

And he echoed his boss’ sentiments to the paper: “Very bad timing.