Photo Credit: Chris Serrano LinkedIn (SWNS)

When Chris Serrano, a creative director from Florida, was laid off from his job last week, he decided to take a chance. He wanted to find another job and he knew he had to stand out in order to do that. So, instead of just posting a resume online or sending out emails – he jumped out of a plane with a sign asking for work!

Serrano posted the video of himself skydiving with the cardboard sign reading ‘Open4Work’ on LinkedIn. The post went viral very quickly and amassed 49,000 likes on the professional social media platform. It also caught the eye of Manchester-based entrepreneur Jack Peagam who responded with an offer of employment at Linkup – his real life social app startup company.

Serrano accepted Peagam’s offer and two weeks later they released another video showing their signing ceremony – where they both were freefalling together! This time around though it was even more special because linked up launched in February 2023 with the mission to be the first major real-life social app connecting users in person based on similar interests, hobbies, and passions.

Peagam said that what attracted him most about Serrano’s bold move was how it showed him “to be one of life’s risk-takers.” As for Serrano himself he admitted that when he lost his job initially it made him nervous but taking risks like jumping out of an airplane is exactly what you need sometimes “to see what could be next”. He expressed gratitude towards everyone who supported him by sharing his video as well as looking forward enthusiastically to taking Linkup “to new heights” with Peagam’s help.

The story of Chris Serrano going from being laid off one week to becoming employed again two weeks later is truly inspiring! His daring approach shows us all that sometimes taking risks can lead us closer to our goals than we ever thought possible before!

Sources: Good News Network