Medical Science makes a massive breakthrough with one TBI patient.

Eden Carlson, a then 2-year-old girl, was found in her family’s frigid pool. At some point, Eden had fallen in the pool, after finding her way around a baby gate, and was there roughly 15 minutes before she was found. For a couple of hours after she was resuscitated, she still required life support machines to keep her heart beating. Little Carlson would end up staying in the hospital for over a month.

The future looked bleak for the little girl. MRI scans showed extensive damage to her brain. It was determined Eden suffered a TBI (Traumatic brain injury) and was thought to have permanent damage. During her long stay, she lay constantly shaking her head and trimming, otherwise unable to move. It’s unimaginable, what her parents must have felt knowing their daughter may never be able to talk to them again.

That would have been the case if not for doctors giving her normobaric oxygen therapy.   A treatment generally used for stroke victims, in this case, was a long shot, but one that would pay off greatly. Soon after the treatment, little Eden made strides towards recovery.

No sooner than Eden had finished treatment, she was acting like her old self again. Eden Carlson was given her life back and that gives hope to other suffering similar fates, hope.

Watch Eden’s journey in the video below.

As reported by Brooke Nelson with Readers Digest.

For the first 55 days after the accident, doctors gave Eden normobaric oxygen therapy, where she received levels of oxygen matching those at sea level, for 45 minutes per day. Afterward, they treated her with hyperbolic oxygen (HBOT) therapy for five 45-minute sessions per week, for four weeks. HBOT therapy supplies patients with pure, pressurized oxygen at levels higher than that of the atmosphere while they lay a tubular chamber.

As the treatments progressed, so did Eden’s behavior. The first therapy treatment made her more alert, laughing and moving her arms and hands instead of squirming.

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