With the knowledge that dogs are easier to adopt out than cats, a Kansas City animal shelter took to social media with a simple, yet clever video. The goal was to even the odds for cats in need of adoption. Wayside Waifs Hospital and Shelter managed to get all but two of their shelter cats adopted after the video went viral on TikTok, garnering a million views and 2,500 shares.

In the video below, shelter workers were asked to recommend a cat with a specific personality type as a way of giving the felines more character. This creative idea was thought up by one of their feline care technicians. Casey Waugh with Wayside Waifs explained: “What kind of animal likes people? What kind of animal would wanna snuggle with the other kittens?”

The video quickly caught fire online garnering positive comments from around the world including The Philippines, Brazil, and UK viewers who cheered on this admirable effort. One commenter even offered to relocate if the shelter was hiring – which they are!

At Wayside Waifs Hospital And Shelter there is currently an open position for a Feline Care Technician who will be responsible for providing quality medical and behavioral care for cats in our foster program and at our facility. If you love cats and have experience caring for them then this could be your dream job!

The success story from Kansas City shows us just how powerful social media can be in helping animals find loving homes – it only takes one person or one post to start something big!


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