Photo Credit: Jennifer Schuh

When Jennifer Schuh went for a beach walk in Santa Cruz, she had no idea what kind of amazing discovery she would make. When she stumbled upon an odd-looking object that resembled used firewood, little did she know it was a very rare mastodon tooth!

Jennifer took some photos of the tooth and posted them on Facebook before leaving the beach. Little did she know that her post would set off a chain reaction, leading to the discovery of a whole new chapter in Santa Cruz’s history.

Wayne Thompson, the paleontology collections advisor at the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, contacted Jennifer after seeing her post and asked her to return to the beach and retrieve the foot-long bone. But when Jennifer arrived back at the beach, someone else had already pocketed this super rare find!

Feeling determined to find this missing piece of history again, both Jennifer and Wayne spent their weekend combing through different beaches looking for it – but with no luck. With hope fading fast, Wayne decided to take his plea online and begged for help from social media users.

Incredibly enough, Jim Smith from Aptos responded to Wayne’s call with a bit of good news – he found it while out on one of his regular jogs along the beach! Jim kindly donated it to the museum so that everyone could enjoy its beauty and learn more about Santa Cruz’s Ice Age past.

Jennifer didn’t get to keep this valuable piece of natural history as part of her collection – but instead chose to commemorate her incredible discovery by buying herself a replica necklace instead. “It’s not often one gets to touch something with so much history,” said Jennifer proudly as she wore her new pendant around town.

Woman Finds Foot-long Mastodon Tooth From Ice Age on a California Beach

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