Ah, the romance of lighthouse living! It seems that everyone is drawn to lighthouses, their histories, and stories have a special place in our hearts. And now, thanks to the US General Services Administration (GSA), six historic American lighthouses are being made available for auction. This is an exciting opportunity for fixer-uppers looking for something unique and special to make their own.

For centuries, lighthouses have been instrumental in guiding seafarers safely into the harbor. The beacon of light from these towers has often been a sign of hope after long journeys at sea. But with the invention of GPS technology, most of these iconic structures have become obsolete – although no less beautiful or inspiring!

Since 2000, more than 150 lighthouses have been sold or handed over to various organizations under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act. These include 81 that are now owned by government agencies and nonprofits and another 70 that have been sold directly to the public.

This year’s May 2023 “Lighthouse season” will see the GSA offering up 6 lighthouses via public auction – 4 direct sales and 2 offered through Notice of Availability should no buyers come forward. The properties on offer include Lynde Point Lighthouse in Old Saybrook, Connecticut; Nobska Lighthouse in Falmouth (Woods Hole), Massachusetts; Plymouth/Gurnet Lighthouse in Plymouth, Massachusetts; Warwick Neck Light in Warwick, Rhode Island; Little Mark Island and Monument in Harpswell, Maine; and Erie Harbor North Pier Light in Erie Pennsylvania. Prices range from $10K – nearly $1 million depending on location and condition.

Costs for upkeep vary greatly based on what new owners plan to do with their purchase: total restoration could cost thousands while a simple cleaning would be much less expensive – painting may also be necessary as well as restoring any broken or missing items since most don’t currently have utilities installed so making them livable would incur additional costs too.

John Kelly from the GSA’s office of real property disposition told AP: “People really appreciate the heroic role of the solitary lighthouse keeper. They were really the instruments to provide safe passage into some of these perilous harbors which afforded communities great opportunities for commerce, and they’re often located in prominent locations that offer breathtaking views.”

If you’ve ever dreamed about owning your very own lighthouse this could be your chance! With prices ranging from just $10K up to nearly 1 million, there is sure to be something suitable for all budgets – plus each one comes with its own unique history waiting to be discovered! So if you fancy yourself as a lighthouse keeper why not take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Sources: Good News Network