Little kids say what they mean. The thing is, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what they mean to say.

For instance, look at this adorable toddler, Delta. She can parrot most words her father says perfectly, but then when she gets to ice cream, something drastically different comes out.

People are loving this look into what seems like a family ice cream outing in the middle of a Michigan summer. Luckily the dad started to record when his daughter decided to rename ice cream.

This adorable video soon became a sensation. It has gone viral and has received over a million views.

Some people think this smart little girl is pulling one over on her dad. “Poor dad, he didn’t know he was tricked,” one wrote.

“Seriously, I tricked my parents when I was a toddler. Parents you don’t know what your child capable of. ? LOL.”

This complete mispronunciation has her dad in stitches. She repeats the word “ice” and “cream” with relative clarity, but put them together? And you have “camtono.”

The Facebook page NTD Life posted this video with the caption, “I’m thinking of opening an ice cream shop and naming it as ‘CAMTONO.’” Someone replied, “Sorry NTD Life, if you search camtono on facebook, you’ll find that camtono is an ice cream shop in progress ? the guy has a logo and everything.”

Even Urban dictionary, a site known for being a community-run parody dictionary, got wind of this new vocabulary word. One commenter mentioned, “Lol, I googled the word “camtono” and of course Urban Dictionary had already defined it as ice cream.”

Whatever the reason for this mispronunciation, people are voting “camtono” as the cutest new addition to our vocabulary. After watching the hilarity, many viewers themselves are desiring some camtono during these warm summer days.