6 ways to survive life threatening situations.

How can you survive serious emergency situations?

Hopefully, most of us will never need these skills but we must hope the best and prepare for the worst. The reality is horrible things happen to even the best of people, every day. So, how can you really be prepared to survive for the unknown?

Experts say you can never fully prepare for what may happen but you can fill yourself with knowledge that will help you live through it. A few ways you can achieve this is by learning from professionals, survivors and educational outlets, such as the reader digest, and more.

below, is a short list of information we collected that the Pros say may save your life one day. Take in to account that this is a basic list. Each situation is unique but perhaps knowing some of this may help you make the best judgment call, for yourself.

What to do if you or someone has broken a bone?

It’s a terrible situation, someone has taken a hall and broken their leg. Maybe you’re far from help, so what can you do? From T.V we know we have to make a splint, but this isn’t television. You have to stabilize the broken bone to prevent any farther damage to tissue, arteries, and ligaments.

Maybe this video from Backpackers Magazine will help.

Make a signal to find help.

No matter where you may get stuck making a signal could save your life. The idea is pretty common. You can build a fire and suffocate it a little with leave, or a shirt if you’re on the sand. If you know someone is looking for you a huge X made with sticks or whatever you have an abundance of, could flag them down.

Another great idea is to use a reflective service to bounce sunlight at the rescue unit, such as a belt, mirror or phone! Anything to get their attention. Simply yelling when you hear the search part could be your saving grace. Check out this humbling story of a woman who did just that, click here.



What to do when wild animals attacks.

Mainly, you want to remain as quiet as possible to avoid these situation. It’s important to remember to travel in groups in to the wilderness, never alone. Always be armed and never run unless your attacker is a turtle or aligator. Playing dead only works for animals too large to fight off, such as bears.

We have an in-depth article about this particular subject, below. Be sure to check it out. Who knows it may save your life.

How to survive a wild animal attack, a quick guide for campers.

Finding food is a real problem.

If conditions are right you can survive for weeks without food, but what happens when it’s longer? We recommend learning about eatable plants in your area, or the area you plan to visit. A good resource to check out is this article bu Backpacker. It’s a quick ‘how to’ test for potential food plants.



Finding life source- water.

Just like in finding food, how many days you can go without water depends on the weather. In a good climate the average time you can last is about 4 days. The  first clue you are near water is green vegetation but  you should also look for song birds and insects like honey bees and mosquito. Large leaves cal hold water from rains as well as rock crevices. If all else fails look for dry creep beds. you can try digging in a dry creep bed to find water. Be sure you know the signs of dehydration.

Dew On A Leaf

Finally, What to do if you’re stuck in a burning building.

Its a nightmare for most, I’m sure. Stuck in a home that’s burning. First and foremost, of course, call emergency services.

I have heard so many horror stories of people trap in fires. One thing I’ve noticed they all used to signal where the were was to hang a tow, sheet or anything out of the window. Granted, you should try this is you are trapped in the room but most people are  going to try to get out.  If you can, do not wait for someone to come save you.

I have also heard, sticking a damp towel in the crack under the door will slow smoke inhalation. Taking that same method, wrapping your self in a wet blanket can protect you from indirect heat. Always try to keep your mouth covered and alert firefighters if you have inhaled smoke.

The U.S Fire Assassination has these tips for us. When you sell smoke its best to drop on your knees and crawl to the nearest door. You will then need to feel the door with the back of your hand. If the door is hot, the fire is on the other side. At which point you will need to make your exit out of another door or window. If the door is not hot, open the door and crawl out of the room. Repeating these steps at each doorway. It is important to shut each door behind you, this helps to slow the fire. Here are a few tips to help you fire proof your home.

Firefighters Live Fire Training

Please let us know if you have anymore tip or experiences in these subjects, in the comment section.